Saturday, 13 November 2010

Give me land, lots of land...

The Stickmen Wars 2 feasibility test just had one simple square of landscape which was a bit limiting. What if I could make an infinite landscape for the game? The latest version of the 3D engine jPCT, a bit of Perlin noise, a bit of vertex manipulation et voila!
Hmmm, seems a bit small and bare - what if I enlarge the landscape mesh, tart up the textures and add a few trees?
That's more like it! And you can stroll for thousands of kilometers in any direction and the landscape just keeps on going. We could have some really big wars here!

Mind you, there's a lot of polygons in that landscape so I had to use LWJGL (a java binding to use OpenGL on the graphics card) to get high enough quality graphics. I left the software renderer in as a fall-back but it doesn't look half as good.

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