Monday, 12 March 2012

Migration to Heroes Keep

Stickmen Wars 2 has now morphed into Heroes Keep. Be sure to continue following the action there!

So... Goodbye SMW2?
It seems appropriate to say a few words to mark the shelving of that great big beautiful baby Stickmen Wars 2.
What a time I've had! Under my twitchy fingers a whole world opened up, full of wonderful surprises ...and horrible shocks! I don't need to go into too much detail about how development went; it's all in this blog - what I would like to do is recommend doing something like this if you can. Though SMW2 'failed' in the commercial sense that it cost me money to do it, what I got back was worth every penny I spent and more (say about £1.50) because of the sheer immersion. Put it this way: How much would you pay for a game that kept you amused and involved every day for over a year? Ah, I can still recall the day that Jago Thumblifter first walked out of a bakery carrying a cake... *happy sigh*

Hey! It's been great fun, thanks for watching and please, would you now board the bus that takes us from SMW2 all the way to Heroes Keep!

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