Thursday, 2 December 2010

Blooming kids!

When a mummy farmer and a daddy farmer love each other very, very much, they hold hands and soon the stork brings them a little baby. The little baby grows up into a rude and sullen teenager who eats all their food and never does any work, so the mummy farmer and the daddy farmer are really quite glad when a passing warlord conscripts the teenager into his army and sends him off to be slaughtered in the cause of making the warlord richer and more powerful. To tell the warlord that there's a new recruit, the farmers put a glowing, rotating man above their house, like this;
The right-hand image has a bloom effect applied. While this does make the image nice and glowy it also reduces the fps by 3/4, so I guess it won't be going in the game. It was worth a try though!

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